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QlickSmart scalpel saftey  - Single
QlickSmart scalpel saftey: BladeNeedleSystem
QlickSmart scalpel saftey - BladeCassette

In Michigan we represent Qlicksmart®, an Australian company, dedicated to reducing sharps injuries in the Operating Room. Scalpel injuries continue to be on the rise. To meet that concern, OSHA mandated safety scalpel use and or single handed blade removals to avoid continuing cuts and meet the Bloodborne Pathogen Directives.

Our goal is to get the Qlicksmart® range of scalpel blade removers into your hands, rather than contaminated scalpel blade cuts. Your safety demands it!

At OakMed, we are passionate about staff safety in the OR. We believe that increasing staff safety will result in an increase in patient safety which is what we all strive for. In Michigan, we represent a much safer way to remove traditional scalpel blades which complies with OSHA regulations requiring single handed scalpel blade removal. We also have a much safer way to open glass ampoules with the SnapIT™ ampoule opener. With SnapIT™, you no longer have to risk a nasty cut opening glass ampoules.

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