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A hip fracture is one of the most catastrophic, life-changing and life threatening health hazards facing the elderly. Preventing hip fracture is vital to reducing the surging costs of our healthcare industry.

Based on the concept that most hip fractures are caused by a fall and the most effective way of preventing such fractures would be to absorb the impact of such a fall, OakMed provides an innovative solution in the low-profile Hip Protecta with optimal shock absorption capabilities of 60%. Download the Hip Protecta Product Description...



Hip Protecta


Also for Sports

With the popularity of sports increasing exponentially every year, so is the number of injuries. Because of its unobtrusive appearance and light weight the OakMed Hip Protecta would be a useful addition to any player's equipment. The sports more susceptible to hip injuries include; rugby, soccer, lacrosse, mountain biking, and skateboarding.


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