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Skin tear prevention products are critical for the health of seniors. Learn more about how our products protect this vulnerable group against skin tears:


Elderly Hands using Skin Protecta®

A skin tear is a traumatic wound occurring principally on the extremities of elderly persons, as a result of shearing and friction forces which separate the top layer of skin from the underlying structures, and is the second most common injury occurring in the aged resident.

As people age, their skin changes and becomes less resilient and prone to damage from knocks and bumps sustained in everyday living, but added risk factors for those that are independently ambulant or reliant on the use of equipment include advancing age, an altered sensory status, a history of a previous tear, the presence of eccymosis, poor nutrition and dementia.

Cool MaxBased on the policy that prevention is better than cure, OakMed Products offers Skin Protecta®, a moisture transporting anti-friction tube with a wrinkle-free fit for arms and legs. This product has exceptional moisture transport properties and will help maintain skin integrity in the elderly and those suffering compromising skin conditions. Skin tear prevention is an important element of geriatric care.

  • Anti friction
  • Soft and light
  • Effective temperature control

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Use of DermaPlus Pads and Strips

Dermis Plus® Gel Pads and Dermis Plus® Gel Strips are recommended for pressure off-loading in patients that are medium to high risk of developing compromised skin integrity issues such as pressure ulcers, skin tears or calluses due to unrelieved pressure, shear and friction.

Dermis Plus® Gel Pads and Dermis Plus® Gel Strips are soft, conformable and elastic, and may be used for many different skin tear prevention applications such as:

  • Podiatry applications such as protection between toes, plantar fasciitis, and hallux valgus (bunions)
  • Protection under breasts and over nipples
  • Ear protection and bony cartilage
  • Protection with orthopedic appliances such as splints and cervical collars
  • Protection from collars, and splints, oxygen cannulas, nasal-gastric tubing and catheter tubing
  • General operating theatre use to preserve and protect skin integrity
  • Protection between skin folds and other vulnerable areas
  • Protection of bony prominences such as elbows, shins and heels
  • Use with prosthesis and other amputee issues, including contractions
  • Protection of the sacral area
  • Protection of the occipital area

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